EURO2014 Participants

The 22nd annual NSA EUROTOUR is shaping up to be another really fun year.  We have close to 90 players from NORCAL, SOCAL, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Sweden Denmark, Belgium and Russia !  There are also many supporters joining the tour.  Our Danish friends are helping to plan a beautiful beach party 🙂  Thank you  Jette, Alison and the Dana Cup crew for helping create this environment.

The NSA mission: Use soccer as a focus to bring people together to have excellent cultural exchange experiences.

We are participating in Cup no 1, Gothia Cup and Dana Cup.

The following will represent NSA .

Firstname Lastname from
Erika Ackley NORCAL
Josefine Ackley NORCAL
Vilgot Albert Gothenburg, Sweden
Kallen Aley NORCAL
Aiden Aley NORCAL
Helene Andersen Hjorring Denmark
Jonas Barchow Hjorring Denmark
Anna ekstrøm Bendtsen Hjorring Denmark
Jeppe Støtt Bøjer Hjorring Denmark
Grant Brobeck Oregon
Oliver Brunø Hjorring Denmark
Alexandra Carvetta SoCal
Alanah Castillo SoCal
Mathias Cools Belgium
Emilie Dahlmann Hjorring Denmark
Trey Dold NORCAL
Emma Durler SoCal
Mathilde Elgaard Hjorring Denmark
Jesse Ensley Oregon
Rasmus Kingo Eriksen Hjorring Denmark
Arvid Eskilsson Gothenburg, Sweden
Ida Marie Bojsen Frandsen Hjorring Denmark
Gypsy Friaz NORCAL
Emil From Hjorring Denmark
Vincent Fuentes NORCAL
Genevieve Gandara SoCal
Peter Gentile Oregon
Marcus Greve Hjorring Denmark
Mia Groff Oregon
Danielle Gundling SoCal
Karoline Hald Hjorring Denmark
Didde Hansen Tonder, Denmark
Dennis Hansen Tonder, Denmark
Julie Hinrichsen Hjorring Denmark
Maria Hjertesgård Frederckshavn, Denmark
Julie Horne Hjorring Denmark
Alexandra Johnson NORCAL
Mark Ulrik Jørgensen Hjorring Denmark
Sara Klott Oregon
Oliver Knudsen Hjorring Denmark
Karoline Bøje Larsen Hjorring Denmark
Evan Lawrie Oregon
Emma Norre Lichon Hjorring Denmark
Camilla Norre Lichon Hjorring Denmark
Jacob Logan Oregon
NannaFauerskov Madsen Hjorring Denmark
Joshua Martinez NORCAL
Lauren May SoCal
Alanna McDowell Oregon
Simon Meldgaard. Hjorring Denmark
Rasmus Moller Hjorring Denmark
Josephine Nielsen Frederckshavn, Denmark
Mira ladefoged Nielsen Hjorring Denmark
Maiken skov Nielsen Hjorring Denmark
Nicklas Nielsen Hjorring Denmark
Reegan Paice WA
Thor Pauli Hjorring Denmark
Hunter George Pearson-DeCristo SoCal
Austin Pederson Oregon
Alexander Pegelow Gothenburg  Sweden
Dylan Reisig NORCAL
Michaela Rentner SoCal
Karina Reynoso SoCal
Sille Risgaard Hjorring Denmark
Izabella Lucia Rodriguez NORCAL
Caroline Rørbæk Frederckshavn, Denmark
Lasse Rørbæk Frederckshavn, Denmark
Simon Schultz Hjorring Denmark
Devi Sandhu Schwartz NV
Veronica Sedlmayer SoCal
Andrey Shapiro NORCAL
Emily Skov Hjorring Denmark
Niels Thomas Søndergaard Hjorring Denmark
Mia Stojanovic SoCal
Nikko Stokes SoCal
Charlie Stringer Oregon
Angus Stringer Oregon
Kylie Sugahara HI
Victor Svarre Hjorring Denmark
Anders Thomsen Hjorring Denmark
Jillian Weber NORCAL
Kaitlyn Weber Oregon
Peyton Weidner SoCal
Alisa Whitney Oregon
Matthew Williamson Oregon
Gabrielle Colette Wilmot NORCAL
Victoria Zagumennova Moscow, Russia