Nomads Showcase 2014 recap U11G

Nomads Coaches Showcase Tournament 2014
Mar 29, 30 2014 · ·




Great Weekend of Soccer in San Diego, CA. Weather was great as it was raining in Northern Cal. Really enjoyed that the girls applied the NSA style of play that they learned the weekend before tourney. Our first game was against North Scottsdale White 03 (AZ). The girls battled hard and had great possession through out. You can tell they were getting thier rhythm together the first half. A few chances on goal but did not make it. The same goes with our opponent. Then the second half in the last five minutes NSA scored a goal! A 1-0 win.

1901404_10202353714497241_1133498931_nOur second game six hours later was against Santa Clara Sporting 03 (CAN). The toughest team in bracket. I expected a loss or a tie. The girls seemed tired but they played the NSA style and scored the first goal quickly in the first half. During the game the ball was battled mostly in the midfield with opportunities on both sides at goal. Our second goal game from a corner kick and the goalie blocked it but the sideline ref called it a goal because she caught it inside the goal line. A protest from Sporting coach but after I looked at my pictures later that night, the goalie caught it but slipped behind the line (a good call by ref). This broke down the moral of the Sporting team. Of coarse the NSA did it’s signature goal roll. We ended up winning 2-0. It was interesting because we only had two defenders in the back the whole time Izze and Gypsy.


Sundaynomads2014U11G_032914 we played Chula Vista FC (CAS). We need to tie/win to guarentee passage to Champiionship game. We scored first within 5 minutes and this brought the girls momentum up. Then Chula Vista FC responed with nice play and equalized the score. Then they scored again and we were down by 1. NSA battled and equalize the score by half time. At half time the Chula Vista coach told his team in order to move on they need to let no goals in and score as many as they could. If NSA lost this would put three teams in a 1st place tie. Coach Fred redirected our girls espicially the defensive line. The second half began and the first 20 minutes Chula Vista could not score or even bring the ball in our 18. But the last five minutes the Chula Vista scored and we lost 3-2. Most awesome thing about this lost is the girls did not look upset or pissed off. Chula Vista girls were excited but the coach was not as they needed to score 4 more goals to knock us out of championship game.

Three way tie was decided on goals against and we only had 3 GA, Sporting had 2 GA and Chula Vista had 6 GA.

Championship game – We lost 2-0. Congratulations to Sporting and NSA. The awards ceremony was great! The girls would shake hands and exchange medals with each other. Love the way NOMADS ran the tournament.

Overall – this was a special tournament for most of the girls on NSA as about half of the team will be going to Eurotour 2014 to represent NSA in three tournaments in July (Cup No.1, Gothia Cup, and Dana Cup).

Enjoy the pictures as they are posted and please comment.