Teaching the NSA Style

Possession, Opportunistic Attack

  1. Win the ball.
  2. Keep the ball
  3. Score

Weeklong team training camp
Session 1:

            Introduction, Warm up, Physical session, get to know each other

            Lunch and prior to afternoon session: Present the NSA Style

            Why 4 -4 -2, why compact, 3 to the ball, 8 to a third with no holes, the 2 second rule.

Session 2: Win the ball

             Warm up, Pressure Squeeze Support;

work with teammate to direct and trap opponent with the ball, then win and release from pressure.

7 v 3; 4 v 4 v 4

Session 3: Small Group tactics

            Warm Up, Physical session, combination passes, Diamonds

Session 4: Win the ball and build from the back

            Warm up,

            Show why 4 across, demonstrate 2 second rule

            Show why 2 layers of 4, depth of 15 to 30 yards

Pressure Squeeze Support, Rotate, layers

            Regain possession with layers of players

            1 v 8; 3 v 8; 5 v 8; 6 v 8; 8 v 8

Session 5: Possession soccer

            Warm up, Short distance, medium distance long distance support, Scoring

Session 6: Building the attack

            Warm up, Midfielder, build in mid third

Session 7: Opportunistic Attack and score

            Warm up,

            Midfielder, build in mid third, penetrating passes, score

            Overload and switch point of attack, score

            Outside backs and outside midfield making runs onto attack, score

Session 8: Options from the opponent’s corner area

            Warm up; short corners, run patterns during corner kick;

Session 9: Put it altogether, full field scrimmages

Session 10: full field Scrimmage.


Goal keeper training will be incorporated with the team in addition to individual/small group training.

Interesting videos

  1. Tiki-Taka: Do a google search “barcelona tiki taka pep guardiola youtube” and watch the videos.


2. Watch Netherland’s “Total Defense” —- Numbers Up, Close opponents down, Win the ball.