Blast from the Past

NSA has created great experiences and lasting friendships  for thousands of players over the past 25 years.

It is always a pleasure to hear from players about what life has been after NSA.  Please share what you know about yourself or other NSA players.

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LisetteHolmLisette Holm, Gothenburg, Sweden, Model: Modellink model agency

2009 opening ceremony:


I wanted to share that Roman’s team Pajaro Valley YSC United were crowned champions this past week in the NPL Champions Cup & National Cup XI at Waukegan Sport Park in Chicago
Roman said he had never felt so confident as golie and i think the Europe experience had everything to do with it….
 Thank you,

Jessica Raybe .. NSA EUROTOUR 2009 superstar (fred’s protege)

March 25, 2012 Jessica Raybe Verbally Commits to Arizona State              read more

Feb 10,2012  Janice Roux, a member of the 1996 NSA girls teams that won all 18 games and three championships is now an ICU nurse.

Nov 2011, Niki Romero (Las Vegas) ,NSA EUROTOUR player 1008, 1009  has been invited to the National Camp. Nikki has committed to University of North Carolina !

Skye Shimabukuro NSA players for many events earn All-WAC Honors   —

Erika Garcia, NSA EUROTOUR player 2007, Harvard University.

Kayla Santa Cruz NSA Nomads and Surf Cup player, San Jose State University, Freshman of the year.

Megan Molina NSA Nomads and Surf Cup player, San Jose State University

Meleana Shim NSA Nomads and Surf Cup player, Santa Clara University

Markee Nobriga , NSA Hawaii, University of New Mexico

Kirsti Adams, NSA Nomads and Surf Cup player,Saint Mary College ,Moraga CA

Britta Bourne NSA EUROTOUR , University of Hawaii

Chyanne Alejando , NSA Hawaii, Univeristy of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

Kanani Taaca –  NSA Hawaii, University of Hawaii, outstanding Goal Keeper

Mari Punzal NSA Hawaii, University of Hawaii , outstanding Forward

Arlene Devitt , NSA EUROTOUR 1996, 1997 won all games, University of Hawaii , outstanding Forward

Ariel Thompson,  , NSA EUROTOUR 1999,  University of Virginia

Mytra DiLeanardo  , NSA EUROTOUR 1996, 1997 won all games, Hawaii Pacific University

Christina Marti  , NSA EUROTOUR 1996, 1997 won all games, Pro in Spain

Reiko Yoshida, Coach of Kauai High School 2010, 2011

Lauren Zealer , NSA EUROTOUR 1996, won all games, National pool, Cal Poly University

Katherine Zealer , NSA EUROTOUR 1996, won all games, Cal Poly University

Daniel Maldonado, Chiropractor, San Luis Obispo





It is always a pleasure to hear from past players.  Please email me  updates of anything  you wish to share (to coach Fred Join the NSA facebook page and stay connected with your NSA friends.

Here are some excerpts:


On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:37 AM, Magnus Lindh-Rengifo <> wrote:
Hi Frederick!

I hope everything is okay with you.
I don’t know if you remember me but I played with you guys during your summer tours in Scandinavia about 14 years ago.
I started helping out a swedish team a while ago and started thinking of when I played with you. I remember it really well and I really enjoyed playing with you guys.
Today I’m working as a physiotherapist in Sweden and living in the sourthern parts of Sweden. I’d love to hear from you and meet you again next time you’re coming to Scandinavia. Maybe even help you out if you need it.
Hope everything is good.

Best regards,
Magnus “I’m thirsty” Lindh-Rengifo


Good Morning Ante.
It’s always good to hear from you.
This day September 24, 2011 is a very special day. . . The beginning of a new chapter in your life.

In two earlier chapters: I met you, when I first came to Stockholm Sweden (10 years ago). And you joined our NSA (National Soccer Academy) team.

In another chapter: you came, to visit me in Sacramento, California and then to  New York, New York.

Today, you’ll open a new chapter: “as you become one” with Kristin Printz.

“Andreas & Kristin Filipsson”

Congratulations and wishing you both all the best in this new chapter! As you become a good husband and have a great life!

And remember Ante . . .  Tough times don’t last  . . . just tough people do!

Coach Terry Mott  9/24/2011


from Erin Lehmkuhl, our spunky Goalkeeper in 1996 on the team that won all games in 3 major tournaments:

In the summer of 1996, I was invited to accompany the National Soccer Academy on a three-week tour through Scandinavia.  I left expecting to play world class soccer, I returned expecting the world to have changed as much as I did.

My soccer skills certainly matured but it was my newly refined social skills that surprised me.  When my mom left me at the gate in San Francisco that early Saturday morning, I didn’t know a single soul.  Three weeks later, eight of the oldest players including myself sat up all night in a small Finnish hotel earnestly clinging on to our few last hours together.

My first game as an international player began on a “sand” field, which is just a Swedish euphemism for dusty gravel.  My foot-playing teammates probably didn’t mind the field choice as much as I did, being their goalie.  No matter, we beat them 10-0 on their on field and thankfully I didn’t have to make any diving saves.  We continued on that victorious trajectory for the following eighteen games, taking home three championship trophies and one Best Club award.

Personally I took home much more than medals.  Jaime, my NSA coach, developed my tactical skills just as much as my physical dexterity.  Using chalkboard drawings to illustrate points and initiate constructive conversations, he guided our team through our common adolescence.  I gained an understanding of the game’s mechanics, which then provided me with the confidence to take command of my eighteen-yard box and the authority to verbally take command of my team.  Until this point in my young career, I had never felt like I could lead a team – that was my downfall.  I couldn’t lead because I didn’t know where to point my team.  NSA took the time to teach me.

These days, Crissy, one of my old teammates, is playing professional soccer in Europe.  That may have been my childhood dream but six years after my return, I am quite content with where my NSA experience has left me.  Using soccer as my means of access, I have since traveled to countries like Australia and New Zealand.  Back home, I have continued my soccer into college at the University of California at Santa Barbara on the club team where we have gone to nationals twice in my two years on the team.  Still infatuated with travel, I left for a six-week backing adventure through Europe last summer and this coming year, I hope to study abroad in Mexico City.

I have friends all over the world.  I have terrific memories of worldly places.  I continue to play soccer.  I have the National Soccer Academy to thank.

Erin Lehmkuhl   7/22/2002