National Soccer Academy is the premiere Academy that provides opportunities for young players to learn, mature and gain excellent experiences via competition and cultural exchanges in major events nationally and internationally.

Since 1992, NSA has been leading players and families on International Tours.
NSA teams have won championships in Gothia Cup, Dana Cup, Dalecarlia Cup, Vildberg Cup, Stockholm Cup, Oravias Cup, Cup No 1 and others.
The results have been extraordinary both on and off the field.
In addition to providing excellent growing experiences for teenagers (many still feel that that was the best time of their lives !) , the players have stepped up to win many championships. Many have also gone on to play higher level soccer (Scholarships in Colleges, US National , Regional and State programs and professional teams).

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2023 NSA Eurotour was another very successful event. 
Around 100 players and supporters , included players from USA, Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Germany . 
Eurotour 2023 awards:
Gothia cup, 
       G11 , 3rd place A bracket
Dana Cup, 
       G12, 2nd place A bracket
       G14, 3rd place A bracket 
Will add them to the NSA museum.

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JOIN NSA International Tours and enjoy the time of your life !

Selections are being held now for high level, dedicated players to join the NSA 2025 International Tournament Teams.

To be considered , please do the following:

Step 1: complete and  send your player profile_medical release to nsaguru@gmail.com

blank Player-Profile_medical release .docx  

blank Player-Profile_medical release .pdf

Step 2:  if possible, attend a Skills Assessment field session. If not, a video Interview.
Download     Skills Assessment / Interview session Objectives for International Tours
Step 3: If accepted, follow the instructions in the acceptance letter.

 Watch exciting NSA International Soccer Tours videos


Dana Cup video : 

2023:     https://youtu.be/QixWKYQPn1U?si=jzAnrugCwVHr6ZK1


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