NSa Intense Training weekend in Eugene 6/7/14 – 6/8/14








Eugene intense training weekend is in the rear view mirror, and what a great training weekend it was! Eighteen players took to the pitch, as Coach Fred and staff members put the players through six hours of NSA soccer training and great fun both on and off the field.

We had three states represented as Eurotour players, and hopefuls, from Oregon, Washington and California (Way to go Clarence and Trey!) made the drive to Lane Community College. NSA backpacks chock full of gear were handed out, and the kids were excited to try on OR wear their jerseys for the first time.

In training, the players were attentive and spirited as they learned the NSA blueprint for success for our fast approaching Eurotour 2014. Joined by many parents, both on and off the field, true success was measured in the smiles from all the players (and grimaces of parents…..uhhhh…can you say sore muscles :-)) as they ended each session with a scrimmage.

The group re-energized after Saturday’s scrimmage with a great mealtime gathering at Turtles restaurant. There, the players and families got to meet,socialize and gather for the first of surely many
happy moments. Sunday saw hugs all around, as everyone scurried homeward….but not before some chowed down on Eugene’s famous Track Town Pizza.

written by arnie