Nov 19 2015

Enrique Tadeo

ENRIQUE_Tadeo Enrique Tadeo (NSA Eurotour 1995)


Hope everything is going well! Its great to get in contact with you. As far as playing, I played at Chico State in college and then played for some semi-pro outdoor teams after college. I made my way down to San Diego about 10 years ago and played some indoor for a little before I started to really focus on coaching. I recently finished my teaching credential and teach PE and coach full time; club, high-school, and college. I’ve been at San Diego Mesa college for 9 years and continuing my coaching education. I’m going to get my B license in 2016 and I’ll be working on my Masters in Physical Education. I’m getting married next year as well and my fiancé and I have 2 kids. My son Andres is 3 and my daughter Stella is going to be 2 in January. Overall everything is great man, keeping myself pretty busy and trying to find time to spend with my family.