Jobs Openings

NSA has a limited number of regional recruiter positions available across the country.

Recruiters connects, invite and recommend players that fits the NSA Tournament team player profile. Recruiters may also be included to travel in the International tours to help manage players they recruited.

Job Purpose: To select Youth Soccer Players to join the exciting NSA International Soccer Tours.

Staff Job Duties:.

  • Evaluate and screen applicants
  • Recommend advanced Youth Soccer Players ages 10 – 16 , boys and girls to the  NSA International Tours opportunities

Skills/Qualifications:   Excellent background in soccer. Good people skills.   Results driven; Professionalism; Good organization.

Ideal Candidates: People who are connected with Advanced Youth Soccer Players, Club and Team Managers, Director of Coaching and coaches who share the NSA ideals to help create global citizens via soccer.

Compensation: part time work that compliments your present coaching jobs,  can add $10000 or more annually to your income.

Please Submit your Application online or send your bio to Coach Fred

Maximum upload size: 516MB

For more information ,  contact Fred Hsu


Phone: 530-400-1903