Graduations 2018

 Megan Rescigno, (NSA EUROTOUR 2008 ), graduated in 3 years from  University of Nevada, Reno in 2018, beginning medical school at UNR … soon to be Dr. Megan 🙂






Ryann Ramirez (NSA EUROTOUR 2007, 2008), player and graduated from Florida International University








Niki Romero (NSA EUROTOUR 2007, 2008), spent 1st 2 years playing at niveristy of North Carolina, graduated from Wright State University.


Gabrielle Wilmot  (NSA EUROTOUR 2014) will attend and play at Arizona State University

Sara Klott (NSA EUROTOUR 2014) wil attend and play at Lewis and Clark University

Michela Rentner  (NSA EUROTOUR 2014) will attend and play University of Arizona