Spenser Jaye

Spenser Jaye , NSA player on her way to the University of Hawaii.

Photo: She has been a Jaguar, Sizzle, Golden Eagle, Flame,Express, Lightning,Rage, Rev, Wolf and a Thunder with guest stops along the way with NSA UKNOW,Leahi (HI)Banat (AZ), Dakota Revs (MN), Eclipse(NE) with an 18 month break to deal with epilepsy and seiszures and now my baby Spenser will be a proud ROYAL WAHINE!  U Hawaii to play for Coach Michele Nagamine and her teammates from Leahi,we couldnt be more excited and proud of what she has accomplished and overcome. She is not joing a college soccer team but a family she has grown to know over the past 5 years with a coach that will only bring out the best in her as she takes the next step on the path as a student athlete. Aloooooooooooooha!


Coach Fred-  I wanted to let you know that I just committed to the University of Hawaii to play soccer in college and I got a scholarship.  When I was u12 I learned about NSA and went to a training and went to the Nomads tourney were I met a bunch of girls from Hawaii for the first time and we won the tournament and since then because of NSA I have guested with them at tournaments all over the United States.  By doing this I got to be evaluated by the head coach of UH and 2 of my friends from NSA and Hawaii committed and we will all be teammates in college! It would have never happened without NSA and I have made friends with girls all over the Country and were still friends and have NSA in common. Thank you Coach Fred for helping making my dream come true of playing college soccer.


Spenser Jaye

MVLA 2014