Jul 01 2013

NSA EUROTOUR 2013 – June 28 – July 22 2013

Blue Lagoon - refreshed after a long plane ride

. Blue Lagoon – refreshed after a long plane ride

The NSA EUROTOUR 2013 participants met up in Seattle and Denver to start the tour. After the 7 hour flight over the North Pole route,, we took a break for 18 hours to see the beautiful sights in Iceland.

Our guide took us on a City Tour around Reykavik, the Capital of Iceland, then we went to the Gulfoss waterfalls, the Geysirs, the National Park where two tectonic plates meet.. We rounded up the day with a visit to the World Famous Blue Lagoons for all to enjoy the hot springs and some “white” mud.We then took the midnight flight to Hamburg and arrived at around 6am. This was indeed a nice break for the group after the long flight from the USA.

Coach Soren and 8 Danish players met us at the Hamburg (Germany) airport with a tour bus. Four hours later, we were in Tonder settled in and took a well deserved nap.

July 1 – 4.

Tonder is a nice small town on the border of Denmark and Germany. We stayed at a school with a nice kitchen facility. Training was held at the school field and the soccer club fields very close by. About 60 players (Americans and Danish, boys an girls) met and trained together. It was a beautiful sight to see the mingling that happens soon after. Our chefs did their magic in the kitchen to provide nice home cook meals for the players. On July 4, we took the bus to Frederickshavn.


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July 5, We had training in Frederickshavn, field is located right outside the school .. very convenient. Our chefs continue to prepare nice healthy meals for the participants.

July 6 .. visit to Skagen… beautiful weather.. walked to the Beach where two seas clash together.

July 7 .. training in the morning. Boys group went to the beach in the afternoon and had fun playing beach soccer.

July 8 .. training in the morning, opening ceremony in the evening.

July 9 .. day one of games .. NSA entered 8 teams,  B11 B12 B15 B17 (TONDER/NSA)  G12 G13 G15 G17 (NSA). Together they played 18 games. Most of the players played on multiple teams so there was never a dull moment.

Schedule and results: http://www.cumap3.se/cuponweb/cup_no_1_20133312.htm?Lang=ENG

July 10.. day two of games.. NSA teams played 15 games.

quick recap.

We entered 8 teams with approx 65 players (Americans and Danes)… most players played on multiple teams … so no one worried about playing time. As a matter of fact, we have several  requests from players who wish to rest .. which of course we complied.

G17 .. had an exciting penalty shootout today to determine who goes to the final… and they won ….So G17 will be playing the championship game in the stadium Sat morning at 11:30

G15 .. was in the A bracket final today at the stadium but came short. The players were quite tired after playing on multiple teams that all advanced. G15 received 2nd place.

G13 .. came in third in the A bracket.

G12 won the championship by a wide margin.

B11 came in 2nd in group play and lost in the semifinal to a very good team from Spain.

B12 which consisted of all the players from B11 won some and lost more…but they were good learning games.

B15  won the the semifinal game in the B bracket today and will be playing in the final tomorrow at 13:00

B17 came in 2nd in group play but lost in the A bracket Quarter finals 0-1 in a very tight game.

see all the game results at

Most of the group will leave Frederickshavn on the 14:30 ferry (except for the B15 who is playing in their final at 13:00.
the group will stay at Hovas-Billdal club house for one night, have a BBQ, stay up late, then train Sunday morning and go to the beach afterwards.
The entire group will move to Torpaskolan on Sunday by 6pm.

Gothia Cup begins Monday !!

the fun continues.

July 15 Monday.

Well, the B15 won their final match at Cup no 1 and became champions of Cup No 1 B15, B division. Needless to say, they were very happy.

After a restful evening at the Hovas-Billdal club house the group has moved into Torpaskolan. Today marks the first day of games

G17 – 0 – 0

G15 – 2 – 0 win

B12 won 7 – 1 (B12 only have 7 players and 5 of them are playing one year up ! .. this will be a great training experience for them.

B15 went ahead 2 -0 in the first 10 minutes but ended up losing the game 2- 3 .

We are all looking forward to the opening ceremony tonight.

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National Soccer Academy-USA, Tonder, Denmark B15 Team Group B Champion–From the bottom : Jacob Jensen, Chris Johnson, Jonas Nissen, Magnus Bogh, Nikolaj Schou, Lasse Clausen, Tobias Marcussenm Søren Holst, Nils Priisholm, Joshua Layaoen, Ole Zeerow, Christian Bitomsky, Andre Pedersen, Rasmus Hahnemann, Kjeld Basingerhorn, Robin Bjerregaard, Sebastian Kjelkvist, Mads Dahl Larsen, Cooper Stevens, Moritz Ottenberg and Coach Søren Jensen. — with Jan Zeerow and 16 others in Denmark.

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