Apr 15 2021

You Have My Agreement Translate

The aim of the study is to analyze certain Polish and English clauses from copyright transfer contracts in order to reveal the quality of Google Translate`s translation. The following research method was used: McGuire, N. 2018. How exactly is Google Translate in 2018? Argo`s translation. www.argotrans.com/blog/accurate-google-translate-2018. Access on July 8, 2019. In the case of contracts translated from Polish into English in the first example (1), the program cannot deal with the change in punctuation, the transformation of the date and title (2) and a few names (3). Benton, L. and K.H.

Porter. 2013. The publishing contract. Kindle Edition. “Przedmiot prawa autorskiego” was eventually translated as “Copyright.” The reason for this decision was the ambiguity of the word “subject” and the need to define its meaning. The “copyright scope” proposal was rejected because it is neither scope nor content. It should be noted, however, that the term “by” przedmiotem prawa autorskiego (protected by copyright) is translated as “copyrighted” and not “copyright object.” Footnote 3 It is difficult for Google Translate to find and translate petrified and archaic structures such as “from this,” “below,” etc. They are translated as “from this treaty,” “to this contract,” etc. In this example, we also have grammatical defects such as “in described” or “transfer to indicate” (see [3]). In general, example (4) as a whole can be accepted without correction.

On the other hand, in English, these are property rights under the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act [ 13]. These rights relate to a person`s ownership of the work and how the property can be disposed of. The list of works under the Act is included in section 1 of the Copyright, Taste and Patent Act. In the American Copyright Act [37], there is a more specific term, namely [intellectual property rights], which literally means “prawa w`asno`ci [intelektualnej].” The U.S. equivalent applies to a broader category of laws – intellectual property law, which includes copyright. This term is a hyperonymant for the Polish term.