Apr 10 2021

Learning Agreement For Traineeships Rwth

The future of Erasmus lies in less red tape and red tape. The e-learning agreement (OLA) now also supports internships that allow all parties to complete the apprenticeship agreement in a user-friendly online system. This new function was presented at the Erasmus Going Digital conference organised by the European Foundation for Higher Education in October. For voluntary internships (“2. The internship is voluntary… ) is used in the second section. It is important that some recognition has been guaranteed in advance. Since voluntary stays are generally not rewarded with a grade or CP, the option “Save the trainee`s additional training course” is generally selected. In some countries, students with a given nationality must obtain a work permit for internships. However, exceptions exist in most countries for ERASMUS internships. Students should contact the embassy or consulate. It is also possible to obtain the status of “Erasmus” trainee, even if it is not possible to finance the program.

To do this, students should apply for “Label” or “Zero Grant” Erasmus- Interns. To find an internship abroad or after your placement, use the free platform ErasmusIntern.org – where apprentices and internships meet. The apprenticeship agreement is signed by the faculty and confirms the relevance of the internship for your studies. It is usually signed by the foreign coordinator of your faculty/department or by an authority designated by your institution, for example. B of the exam board. The signatory is responsible for all necessary accommodations and recognition of credit points (or equivalents) and learning outcomes related to them on behalf of the relevant university body, as stated in the apprenticeship agreement. The people who are to be included in the apprenticeship agreement are listed in an appendix. For compulsory internships (“1. The internship is part of the program… ECTS are generally assigned or “yes” is reported for one of the other types of recognition opportunities. If you have funding, you must sign a grant agreement that regulates all funding conditions, for example. B the amount of financing and the method of payment. In addition, each fellow receives a student charter prior to their stay abroad.

The charter contains all your rights and obligations as an Erasmus student. . The online apprenticeship agreement for internships was developed as part of the Online Learning Agreement project, funded by Erasmus and the Luxembourg National Agency. The contributing partners are: you are personally responsible for sufficient insurance coverage, i.e. health, accident and liability insurance, during your stay abroad. Check at an early stage for whether or not your insurance is valid abroad. International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, IAESTE International Association of Economic and Commercial Students, AIESEC Federal Representation of Medical Students in Germany e.V.