JOIN NSA International Tours and enjoy the time of your life !

The NSA 28th annual international tour will consist of players 

girls born 2003 – 2010 (plus 2 girls born 2002)

boys born 2005 – 2010 (plus 2 boys born 2004)

Please send your player profile to nsaguru@gmail.com to proceed


Process for selecting players:

  1. Review player profile and/or observe player during tryout session.

2.Verify qualifications with reference(s).

  1. Video Interview (Facetime or Skype) for those who cannot attend a field tryout session.
  2. Suitable players/families will be sent an acceptance package.

Mission:  Use soccer to provide opportunities for personal development and life lessons through impactful cultural exchange. NSA International soccer tours help foster new friendships and create life long memories while providing high level soccer training.


Most Prestigious Youth soccer Tournament in the world. Over 1700 teams from 80 nations click to view Gothia Cup 2014 movie

Over 1050 teams from 45 nations, the best soccer tournament in Denmark

Over 1100 teams from 45 nations, the best soccer tournament in Denmark

 Four essential qualities of an NSA EUROTOUR player

1. Passion to play at a high level

2. Desire to Learn

3. Maturity to travel

4. Family support

The 2020 TOUR (subject to changes) :

  • July 6 2019 (Monday) Depart Gateway City (SFO, Seattle or JFK)
  • sightseeing tour
  • Intense Training camp , Dana Cup Sports Center
  • compete in Gothia Cup, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • compete in Dana Cup, Hjorring, Denmark
  • sightseeing, Copenhagen 
  • July 26 Sunday return to USA.


NSA’s focus is on Youth Development

Since 1992, NSA has selected, trained and led over 2500 players and supporters on tour to compete in major International tournaments in Scandinavia, South America and the United States. To the credit of NSA players, coaches and administrators, after training and learning the NSA STYLE, the philosophy and the NSA Way, players have consistently stepped up to the competition, as evidence by the many championships they have won and the numerous memorable moments they have shared.

For EUROTOUR 2020 NSA is selecting dedicated players to compete in two major International Tournaments and experience the time of their lives. If selected, you may participate in one or both events.  Gothia Cup/ Dana Cup .  Gain International Competition Experience

About Scandinavia: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland are beautiful countries. Encourage your children to do some research about these countries. The weather in summer is pleasant (similar to San Francisco). You will not need heavy jackets. Most people in Scandinavia speak several languages including English. Local players love to make friends with teenagers from the NSA. The ice cream is great!











Opening Ceremony Gothia Cup 


International Tour Coaches

Frederick Hsu USSF “A” Licensed  – California

Augustin Rodriguez USSF “A” Licensed   California

Jim Smyth – New York

Carlos Basso – California

Kim Evans  – Hawaii

Stig Henriksen – UEFA B License – Norway

Mads Christensen – Denmark

Elizabeth Serra-Hsu – California

and other NSA staff

There are several types of Soccer Travel
1. You belong to a club team that plays together regularly. The club team organizes a trip, contract with a travel agency to make the travel arrangements. There are only a very small number  of soccer clubs/teams in this country who actually travel internationally on a regular basis.

2. Players join organizations like the National Soccer Academy Inc. who select, train and compete in International Tournaments. There are only a handful of academies in the U.S. providing high Quality training and tour experiences consistently.

3. Players join “soccer tours” organized by tour companies & travel agencies who assemble players of similar ages and enter them as teams. These players normally meet for the first time at airports. While their sightseeing experience may be adequate, these teams normally do not compete well at the level of competition demanded by International Tournaments.

NSA has been leading young players to International Competition since 1992. During these years, NSA has gained a reputation of High Quality, on and off the field.

Benefits of joining NSA EUROTOURs :

Players will be trained by USSF “A” licensed coaches; visit Scandinavia, compete internationally; make new friends; be exposed to a mini-Olympics atmosphere. (Gothia Cup had 1750 teams from 80 nations); experience beautiful Scandinavian,  amusement parks,  museums and tourist attractions. This is an excellent growing experience for teenagers.

Training: Players receive TOP QUALITY training from professional youth coaches.

NSA is not a travel agency that simply assembles players to travel. The successful NSA style will be taught to prepare NSA players to meet the challenges from international competition. An intense training camp will be held prior to competition. NSA teams are well prepared and travel as a “tight family” to compete in major tournaments. Past results speaks for the excellent soccer experience.


Supervision: Scandinavia is well known for being safe and the tournaments are extremely well organized. In addition, NSA will provide qualified adults (approx.1:5 ratio) to coach and supervise the players.

Sightseeing & fun: Scandinavia is beautiful. In between tough competition, players will have opportunities to go on city tours, visit museums, amusement parks, water parks, beaches, canals, castles, churches, open air markets and other sights.

You will visit Iceland, Sweden and Denmark

NSA staff are professional youth coaches:

Headed by Fred Hsu, USSF “A” Licensed coach, NSA staff coaches are all Nationally Licensed. They draw vast experience from being former Professional, Semi-pro & Collegiate players; University and High School Coaches, ODP State & District Coaches, Coaches of youth & adult teams, boys and girls teams. They have led many successful Soccer Tours.

References from parents & players who have traveled with NSA are available upon request.

Family & Supporters:

Arrangements may be made for family and friends who wish to join the NSA supporter group. The Supporter Group travel together with the players but will stay in hotels close to the team’s lodging. Supporters may have a different itinerary than the players to better suit their work schedule.

Please contact Fred – nsaguru@gmail.com to make arrangements.



Player Selection: Players are selected to join the NSA EUROTOUR teams based on

the players ability, motivation, passion for the game and desire to learn

  • whether the NSA staff feels that the player can benefit from the NSA method of teaching.
  • players having supportive parents who share the NSA philosophy of youth development and are willing to abide by the NSA guidelines
  • Players ARE NOT selected simply because they are financially able to join NSA tour. Unlike some other organizations, NSA is NOT a travel agency who brings everyone who can afford it on tour..
  • ECNL, Development Academy and Premier level players may be accepted occasionally upon review of their soccer bio and references from their coaches/trainers
  • Coaches Recommendations:  We strongly encourage coaches/trainers of ECNL, Development Academy, Premier, Select , Classic teams and other higher level teams to recommend dedicated players whom you think could benefit from the NSA EUROTOUR experiences. They will come back to you better players.

The normal process:
1. players come to training and want to be part of the experience
2. We take notes and mark down those whom we believe can benefit from NSA
3. Parents show that they are supportive
4, We send invitations.
5. family decides
6. blink and we are in Scandinavia… again 🙂


NSA has a limited number of Regional Scouts positions available. Regional Scouts will arrange for tryout sessions and work together with the NSA staff coaches to select players. Some NSA Regional Scouts may be selected to be EUROTOUR team coaches and their trip may be paid for.

NSA has a limited number of Chaperone positions available. Chaperones are hired to attend to the players during the tour.

Cost :(subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances)

$5950 – includes: cross Atlantic Flight, Iceland sightseeing tour, tournament provided lodging and meals, intense training, coaches, chaperones, compete in major international tournaments, cultural exchange, travel together for  ~3 weeks.

Uniform package $350-

Supporters are welcome. NSA will make all the arrangements necessary for supporters so it is seamless with the group.

Supporters will travel with the group and stay in hotels with convenient access to visit the players.

Supporters itinerary may be different then the players. Contact NSA for costs.

Coaches and Chaperones are hired to attend to Players needs. Ratio of adults to players will be approximately 1: 5

NOT INCLUDED: Your flight to the Gateway city; Meals not provided by the tournaments; Amusement parks, additional sightseeing opportunities, other events and Players’ spending money.

For comparison, on a per day basis, the NSA EUROTOUR costs less than most major College Soccer Camps and provides a superior experience and unique benefits for serious players, much beyond any soccer camp can offer.

Players: Consider yourself extremely lucky if you get to experience the NSA EUROTOUR

a) you have to want to get the experience
b) you have to be selected
c) your parents have to be supportive
d) NSA has to do the organizing and training
e) Travel to Scandinavia needs to stay safe.




NSA References (get info directly from past participants):

Over 2500 participants have traveled with NSA on International tours since 1992. Following are some of the recent participants who will gladly share their experiences with you. Please feel free to email them and set some time to chat and ask questions.

Kolby Kettler  KPK@vitol.com  came  with daughter born 2001 in 2016, 2018. Daughter  committed to Rice University upon return from Eurotour 2016, during her high school freshman.year

Janine Hardwick, came with daughter  born 2003 in 2018. jrhardwick5@gmail.com

Ed and Carmen Munguia , came with daughter born 2005 in 2018   munguiaedward@gmail.com

Patty Sabey  shihppy@gmail.com  came in 2017, 2018 family of 6 (1 boy and 1 girl player)Lisa Chen lisa.chen.sd@gmail.com came in 2016 with 2 daughters born 2003, 2005

James Lawrie  jamie@jamesyounglawrie.com  came in 2013 with son Evan, became coach for NSA EUROTOUR

Liz Dubuc (South Lake Tahoe) “Elizabeth Dubuc” lizzybright3@att.net – daughter Lily came on tour in 2011
Message from Elizabeth Dubuc
Elizabeth Dubuc 2

Francisca Johnson (Davis CA) “Francisca Johnson” johnsonfrancisca@sbcglobal.net – son Christopher came on tour in 2012. Entire family came on tour in 2013, daughter Alex came in 2014

Drs Arnie & Norma Rugama (Fresno, CA) – Family of 5 came on tour in 2012, “Norma Solis” osanomas@comcast.net