Jul 03 2016

Sheldon Spelman (EUROTOUR 2007)

Sheldon Spelman(present)

Sheldon Spelman(2007)

Hey Fred,

Hope everything is going well! I went on the NSA Euro Tour when I was 13.  The Europe Trip was a valuable experience. I’m thankful I got the opportunity to get connected with NSA.  My time with NSA set everything in motion for me and was crucial to my development as a player. 

After NSA, I had some success with my club team on a national level, before playing at Eastern New Mexico University and Hillsdale College where we won a national championship and I was selected as a 1st Team All-American.  I recently spent some time with a few semi-pro teams. However, I’m currently looking into graduate school and focusing more on coaching.  I’m getting my USSF E License at the end of the month.

Our family had a really good time going through all the pictures from the trip.  Everyone says hello.

Thanks again for all your help along the way.  I’m glad we got in touch.