Jul 17 2013

B15 PKs at gothia Cup

SONY DSCthe Boys 15 team started the A bracket playoff round vs an excellent team from the Czech republic…. went to Penalties .

The  B15 team advanced to the final rounds of the A bracket this morning based on their group play points against teams from Sweden, Brazil and Norway.

This afternoon they  played a team from the Czech Republic that had no goals against it in group play. Both teams scored with both a regular goal and a penalty kick each to tie the game 2-2. The referee issued a red card to the Czech player for his penalty, and we were given a yellow card to which the Czech coach protested the inequality.

The game ended in PKs with a score of 4-4; the goalie blocked one of our shots, and one of theirs went over the top of the goal.

Our goalie blocked the Czech’s sixth shot and then Soren called our goalie to take the next shot. He clearly did not want to, but he pulled through never the less to a bench-clearing celebration and a deafening sigh of relief.