National Soccer Academy is the premiere Academy that provides opportunities for young players to learn, mature and gain excellent experiences via competition and cultural exchanges in major events nationally and internationally.






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NEW for EUROTOUR 2018:

NSA International Soccer Tour for Elite College Bound Players (download flyer)

for 2018, we are bringing the following :

Girls born between 2000 to 2008
Boys born between 2000 to 2008
Please send your player profile to nsaguru@gmail.com to proceed


Process for selecting players:

1. Review player profile and/or observe player during tryout session.

2. If player is qualified, review reference(s).

3. Video Interview (Facetime or Skype).

4. Suitable players/families will be notified of their acceptance.




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We are now accepting players for EUROTOUR 2017 so you may have plenty of time to plan ahead.

Be one of the lucky players who get to experience the NSA way, on and off the field. Interested players should send your player bio to  coach Fred (nsaguru@gmail.com) now to be considered

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The 24th Annual International Tour was another resounding success on and off the field. Around 80 players and families (USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Australia) got together for 3 weeks, played in several of the largest tournaments in the world, made new friends and enjoyed new experiences on and off the field. Our mission of using soccer as a focus to bring people together for cultural exchange has been accomplished. As a bonus, they also brought back shiny cups to add to the NSA Trophy case collection.

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Two former NSA star players meeting up at their College game in Oahu. Jessica Raybe (Arizona State U), University of Hawaii (Spenser , dark blue jersey) .SpenserJaye_JessicaRaybe_082514 082514


It is nice to see past players grow up and pursue their dreams.







The Importance of International Travel for Youth Soccer Player

excerpt from Youth Soccer News: The Benefits of International Travel for Youth Soccer Players By: Diane Scavuzzo

As Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Discover … how it feels to be immersed in soccer when you experience soccer abroad. The world is made up of individuals united by a shared passion and love for the game of soccer. All travel has its advantages … All Travel makes the mind work, but soccer travel makes the heart soar.

For a youth soccer player seeking to develop to his or her highest potential on the field, as well as off the field, the experience of traveling internationally is invaluable. Playing against teams from different countries provides special opportunities for player development. Watching and participating in youth soccer abroad where soccer is (almost) a religion provides a real learning experience on the world’s most popular game. Whether you travel purely for the soccer training or can take advantage of turning it into a family holiday, playing youth soccer in Europe creates a lasting impression that develops a player’s awareness of his or her place as a global citizen.

Are American youth players able to compete abroad? Are we good enough? This is the silent question floating in the air. The answer is yes.

Ideas worth pondering :.

“There need’s to be a revolution”. Constantine Cony Konstin

What we need in the US is not coaches but teachers. The word coach and coaching should not be used with children. Teacher and teaching should be the words used for that age level. Coach and coaching come later. And that is only if you believe in a coaching environment. I don’t believe in a coaching environment and believe that we need to create a playing environment if we are to have magical players one day. We need 300,000 futsal courts in our inner cities and 300,000 more in our suburbs. We need a soccer revolution in the USA. REVOLUTION = FUTSAL!!!!!

NSA promotes the ideas of Consistency of quality training, working with our u7-u12 age groups, playing less tournaments, playing more quality opponents, focusing on the fundamentals(technical), futsal all year long, and consistent coaching education. They are simply ideas but will our coaches improve themselves so that we can improve our children.? How hungry are we for change?  Carlos Menjivar Jr.





NSA and cloppenburg Select Team from Germany. Dana Cup 2014 Third Place winners

NSA and Cloppenburg Select Team from Germany. Dana Cup 2014 Third Place winners